"Seasonal Preparedness" for the Barns -- Ongoing Needs -- Pricing Varies $5.00 - $100.00 (FF32481) - The Elephant Sanctuary

"Seasonal Preparedness" for the Barns -- Ongoing Needs -- Pricing Varies $5.00 - $100.00

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Seasonal changes at The Sanctuary mean Caregivers also have to make sure facilities continue to run smoothly and these seasonal items allow us to not only provide care for the elephants but allow us to care for the facilities where the elephants live.  Providing vast natural habitats also means Caregivers encounter Mother-Nature year-round. 

We are fortunate to not have a long winter season here in Tennessee. However, there are still some items we use in the winter.   These items include but are not limited to:

  • Water Trough Heaters
  • Electric De-heat Tape
  • Pipe Insulation
  • Window Ice Scrapers
  • Hand/foot warmers for Caregivers

Various items are used for specific times of the year.  Donations to "Seasonal Preparedness" will help support the purchase of those items. If you would like to help with these items, please make a donation above. Prices for these items vary from $5.00 to $100.00.  All donations are greatly appreciated!

$20.00 donated May 2019. 

Special thanks to the following supporters who contributed to "Seasonal Preparedness" for the Barns in  May 2019:   Catherine Dille.

* If this item is no longer available or needed, The Elephant Sanctuary will direct your generous contribution toward another item needed for the care of the elephants. 




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