Feed an Elephant

Help The Sanctuary with one of our largest ongoing operating costs! Each of The Sanctuary's resident elephants consumes approximately 150 lbs. of food every day. While the elephants forage and graze naturally in the habitat, The Sanctuary staff must also provide additional food and supplements to meet the aging elephants’ nutritional and medical needs. 

You can help us offset the recurring expense of hay, fresh produce and other treats provided to these majestic creatures. Feed an Elephant gifts of $50 or more cover the costs of an entire day’s food for one elephant!

Feed an Elephant donors receive:

  • a photo card with information about elephant diets
  • a seasonal “ele-inspired” recipe card, plus access to more plant-based recipes online
  • monthly EleNews email updates
  • the most recent issue of our triannual newsletter, Trunklines
  • eligibility to apply for a Volunteer Day at The Elephant Sanctuary

Feed an Elephant supporters who set up a recurring Monthly donation also receive:

  • a one-year subscription to The Elephant Sanctuary’s triannual newsletter, Trunklines
  • a one-time 10% discount on a future purchase of apparel in our Gift Shop

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated at shop.elephants.com/give. You can also learn about how to Become a Member or Adopt an Elephant.

Feed an Elephant as a gift:

For a unique gift to celebrate special days, or to express sympathy and cherished memories, consider making a Feed an Elephant donation to The Elephant Sanctuary “In Honor” or “In Memory” of a loved person or pet.

When you make a gift on behalf of another, benefits related to this gift (outlined above) will be directed to you to pass along to the person you wish to receive the dedication/gift (your "Honoree").

This change has been made recently to ensure that The Sanctuary is not storing or collecting information about any individual without their express consent, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If your honoree wishes, they may opt themselves into additional communications from The Sanctuary.


Did you know that you may be able to double or triple your impact through your workplace? To see if your company matches donations visit doublethedonation.com/theelephantsanctuary.

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