Smooth Ambler Spirits' Fundraiser

Smooth Ambler Spirits' Fundraiser

At Smooth Ambler Spirits (, we love elephants. One of these beautiful creatures has been on our label for years, standing on a barrel and representing the balance that we strive for in every bottle of our Contradiction Bourbon. 

After celebrating the largest living land mammal so long, we decided we wanted to do more and were floored to discover that there was an elephant sanctuary so close to us. It just felt right for us to adopt Ronnie and put some of our money where our mouths have been.

We hope you fall in love with Ronnie and her pals like we did and give whatever you can to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. It's a worthy cause (Smooth Ambler has donated $1000 directly to the sanctuary) and means a whole lot to these majestic creatures. Thank you for your help. 

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