The Elephant Sanctuary helps elephants that have retired from zoos and circuses and helps them live in their natural habitat while providing the care that they need. Please help in taking care of these amazing animals.

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Honor Roll

“Happy Birthday, Nishika!”


Serena Mayeri
May 15, 2022
Connecticut, US

“Happy Birthday, Nishika! What a wonderful cause. Jamie”


Tricia McEachern
May 15, 2022
Connecticut, US

“Happy bday Nishika! from, G”


Courtney Krediet
May 11, 2022
Connecticut, US

“Happy birthday Nishika!”


Lucy Mattoo
May 10, 2022
Connecticut, US

“Harrison says, "great choice, every animal needs care, including elephants"”


Rachel Solomon
May 8, 2022
Connecticut, US


Ada Fisher
May 4, 2022
Connecticut, US

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Nishika's Birthday

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Fundraiser created by
Nishika Gupta


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