In Memory of Bonnie Mitchell

In Memory of Bonnie Mitchell

Bonnie loved all animals, a love that began as she grew up on "Bonnie Brook Farm" in Crozet, Virginia. She adored her horses, Prince and Charlie, and spoke fondly of all of her dogs, rabbits, and even, pet skunks. Throughout her life, Bonnie's love for animals expanded to elephants, moose, and everything furry. She never met an animal that she didn't love nor didn't love her. Some of her favorite memories were going to Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa to experience these majestic creatures firsthand. She has long followed and supported the Elephant Sanctuary and the great work they do for elephants. She, and her family, would be grateful for donations to support this cause that was close to her heart.

Honor Roll

“for Julie’s mother may she rest in peace”


Aug 24, 2023
Vermont, US

“In loving memory of Bonnie.”


Leslie McDow
Aug 10, 2023
North Carolina, US

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Julie Smart
Vermont, United States


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