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I would like to become a "Friend" of The Elephant Sanctuary or renew my membership. If you would like to  set up a recurring monthly donation click Recurring Monthly Donation. If your donation is "in honor" of someone please click here.

When you become a friend of The Elephant Sanctuary, you will receive our newsletters for one year. And, of course, the great feeling of knowing that you are truly giving the gift of life to some very sacred souls. With just a $40 donation, you can provide care and feeding for one of the Girls for a day! A $150 gift can support EleAcademy Distance Learning programs, or a $500 donation can bring much needed medical care to our aging herd. All gifts have an impact!

When you make a donation in honor of someone we will send a tax receipt to you and the "In Honor" person will get a certificate that says you made a donation in their honor (the amount will not be shown). If they are a new member they will also receive a copy of the latest newsletter. If you make an "In Memory" donation the family will recieve a letter.

If you want us to mail the certificate to you, rather than the recipient, please leave the address field above blank.


Sanctuary much for your support!

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee’s Board has set aside unrestricted financial operational reserves of five times its budgeted expenses to ensure the lifetime care and safe haven for an undetermined number of elephants. Elephants have an expected life span of 50 – 70 years and The Sanctuary is committed to providing food, shelter, veterinary care, medicine, caregivers, property maintenance and security. These funds, along with the public’s continuing support are needed to provide for the elephants currently in our care and for those that will come to Sanctuary.
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The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennesee is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. All proceeds will go directly to the Sanctuary.

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