General Medical Fund for the Elephants -- Ongoing Need -- $ Up to You! (9A59A5E) - The Elephant Sanctuary

General Medical Fund for the Elephants -- Ongoing Need -- $ Up to You!

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This fund was created to try to encompass some of the aspects of the elephants' medical needs and treatments that may not be constant throughout their entirety.  The items in this fund make up the bulk of the cost of treatment.  It will cover things like the cost of medications and/or having them re-constituted, blood work that will need to be done during the course of treatment and any testing required to monitor their health and veterinary care.  There are also going to be small things that get ordered that we may not manage to list individually.  Having this fund will give us a hand with all of the expenses that will go into trying to keep these beautiful animals completely healthy.  Make a donation above to help with general medical expenses and veterinary care.

$50.00 donated May 2019. $500.00 donated May 2019.

Special thanks to the following supporters who contributed to the General Medical Fund in  May 2019:  Merrill Graham, Nan Breglio. 

* If this item is no longer available or needed, The Elephant Sanctuary will direct your generous contribution toward another item needed for the care of the elephants. 

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