The Elephant/s Endowment Fund has been established for the long-term care of The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee’s current residents. Donations to the Elephant/s Endowment Fund are permanently restricted with the principal held in an investment account. A percentage of the annual interest growth is used for the elephant/s care.

Donations at the $50+ level receive

  • a photo and bio detailing the amazing story of the elephant you choose
  • a subscription to The Elephant Sanctuary's electronic news updates, EleNews
  • eligibility to apply for a Volunteer Day at The Elephant Sanctuary (read more here)

Individual Elephants Endowment funds are

Billie $43,616.64
Debbie $37,841.65
Flora $71,021.46
Minnie $32,546.95
Ronnie $32,007.91
Shirley $222,058.92
Sissy $225,095.62
Sukari $16,132.78
Tange $49,132.42
In Memory $1,012,679.65
Total 2020 Elephant/s Endowment Fund $1,742,134.00

*Updated annually with audited numbers
**Funds from former residents’ endowments provide support to current residents and those to come.

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