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Artie – short for Aardvark – is a male African elephant who has lived most of his life in the United States after being orphaned in his native Zimbabwe at a young age. On January 31, when the 40-year-old willingly took steps out of a travel crate and into the barn at the Elephant Health Care Center in Hohenwald, Tennessee, he became the first permanent bull resident at The Elephant Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is thrilled to welcome from Zoo Knoxville three African elephants – Jana, Edie, and Tonka – later this year, also. 

Your investments in our work means we can say “yes” to each elephant when his or her caretakers assess options for the elephant’s lifetime care and companionship, and choose The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. 

Our global donor base empowers this organization to prepare and stay ready for expanding the herd of elephants at The Sanctuary. We are grateful for the privilege – through your financial support of our mission – to be nimble and move quickly as needed to take in a new resident like Artie, while continually providing the best individualized care to Nosey, Sissy, Billie, Minnie, Debbie, Ronnie, Flora, Tange, and Sukari


Gifts to the 2023 Spring Campaign provide all of our elephants essential items such as...


Coconut oil for elephant skin treatment



Fresh produce for elephant nutrition



Vitamins and supplements
to enhance elephant diets



Hay cage for elephant barn enrichment



Sand for two barn stalls for elephant comfort



Four linear feet of fencing
for habitat expansion

The Sanctuary is modifying its facilities and cross-training its staff in preparation for at least five new elephants arriving in 2023.

Can we count on you during the 2023 Spring Campaign to help us welcome Artie, continue preparing for Jana, Edie, and Tonka, and meet the complex needs of our nine longtime residents?

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Please note: Supporters who mail checks to The Elephant Sanctuary for the 2023 Spring Campaign will have their gifts counted and recognized in our goal progress on this page. To view or download a digital version of the full Spring Campaign mailing, click here.


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Campaign Supporters

“In Honor of Mary Ellen Smith and Ben Zimmer for their wedding”


Ellie Miller
Sep 16, 2023
Georgia, US

“In Honor of Mary Ellen Smith and Ben Zimmer”


Benjamin Sneed
Sep 14, 2023
Alabama, US



Brent Carris
Aug 24, 2023
New York, US

“In honor of Mary Ellen Smith and Ben Zimmer on the occasion of their wedding”


David wishnick
Jul 24, 2023
Pennsylvania, US



Mary Sorokie
Jul 7, 2023
Illinois, US

“In celebration of the wedding of Mary Ellen Smith and Ben Zimmer.”


Lev Menand
Jul 2, 2023
New York, US



Marilyn Randall
Jun 30, 2023
California, US


Rosa Oseguera-Lohr
Jun 26, 2023
Virginia, US

“My mom and I love elephants and we were reading Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult and this organization was mentioned in the author notes. On both our behalfs, I am signing up for a monthly donation.”


Michelle Shores
Jun 26, 2023
California, US

“In honor of Ms. Amy Krpata, lover of all animals”


Maryann Maffia
Jun 26, 2023
Kentucky, US



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