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A Passion for Elephants (non-fiction)

A science and nature biography of Cynthia Moss, the elephant expert, by author Toni Buzzeo - Cynthia Moss was never afraid of BIG things. As a kid, she loved to ride through the countryside on her tall horse. She loved to visit faraway places. And she especially loved to learn about nature and the world around her. So when Cynthia traveled to Africa and met the world’s most ENORMOUS land animal, the African elephant, she knew she had found her life's work.
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Cynthia has spent years learning everything she can about elephants and sharing these fascinating creatures with the world. She is a scientist, nature photographer, and animal-rights activist, fighting against the ivory poachers who kill so many elephants for their tusks.

This lyrical and accessible picture book gives kids a glimpse of what scientists do in the real world and inspires them to dream of accomplishing BIG things.

By: Toni Buzzeo

 Illustrator: Holly Berry

  • Hardcover: 32 Pages | 5-8 years

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