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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables - $ Up to You! - Ongoing Need

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[Up To You!] - Want to give the elephants what they CRAVE? Fresh fruits and vegetables top their list of favorites. Each elephant eats 20-30 pounds of fresh produce daily.  Receiving a variety of produce ensures a balanced diet and happy tummies!

We love the fact you take pleasure in pampering the elephants and that you also enjoy sharing your special moments and holidays with them by ordering their favorite foods. We have implemented two ways for you to help the elephants maintain proper nutrition: 1. you may use the underwriting link above to fund our produce account, or 2. you may call the office and order specific items for one or two or all of the elephants!

The Elephants regularly eat the following foods: carrots, cabbage, broccoli, corn, russet potatoes, bananas, banana leaves, oranges, red apples, yellow onions, watermelon, red grapes, cantaloupe, mangoes and once in a while, sugar cane. Obviously, some of these items are easier to get 'in season.'

TO ORDER SOMETHING SPECIFIC: please call Kathy (931.796.6500 ext. 107)and she will be happy to take your order.

We are grateful to you for wanting to participate in the elephants' daily lives. Please know that when you order something specific for one of them we make every attempt to carry out your wishes; however, due to the time constraints of caring for 10  elephants, we are unable to take photographs commemorating the moment they eat your special treat. 

$50.00 donated July 2019.    $50.00 donated July 2019.  $20.00 donated July 2019.  $100.00 donated July 2019.  $50.00 donated July 2019.  $25.00 donated July 2019.  $75.00 donated July 2019. $15.00 donated July 2019.  $100.00 donated July 2019. 

Special thanks to the following supporters who contributed to Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in  July  2019:  Alana Romanoff, Magdalena Cohen, Connie Adams, Donna Thomason, Ramona Isbell, Dwayne & Teresa Enterkin, Maureen & Gareth Christian, Kathryn Gose, Joani Strickland.

If this item is no longer available or needed, The Elephant Sanctuary will direct your generous contribution toward another item needed for the care of the elephants. 

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