Vegan Knights Motorcyclists

Vegan Knights Motorcyclists


We are a band of vegan motorcyclists effectively helping animals and raising awareness as we ride!

We run monthly or bi-monthly fundraising campaigns, with the idea of rotating through different species in an attempt to shed light and raise awareness on all the issues. Farm animals get a lot of attention, and rightly so, but we want to help all! Our first campaign was for primates in February.

We took time off due to COVID-19, and are back for Elephants in July! Please help us reach our goal. 

For peace and justice,

The Vegan Knights

Honor Roll

“i love elephants!”


Julie Goralski
Jul 27, 2020
Wisconsin, United States


Gerald Peake
Jul 18, 2020
Oklahoma, United States


Burak Sarac
Jul 7, 2020
Illinois, United States

“VK Las Vegas”


Jonathan Fish
Jul 6, 2020
Nevada, United States


Mark Turner
Jun 29, 2020
Illinois, United States


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Vegan Knights


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