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In 1973, African elephant Tange was born wild in Zimbabwe. At five years old, she was orphaned and captured in a government culling of elephant herds, then transported to Chehaw Wild Animal Park in Georgia. There she lived for 26 years with another orphaned elephant, Zula, before both elephants were retired by the zoo director and transferred to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee in 2004. Flora followed shortly thereafter, beginning the African herd in Hohenwald.

Since that time, The Sanctuary has welcomed seven African elephants (and 21 Asian elephants), including Nashville Zoo elephant Sukari, who moved 85 miles southwest in early November 2015. Tange has always been part of the Africa Habitat welcoming committee, helping newcomers develop confidence to explore, socialize, and exhibit natural behaviors in their Sanctuary home. 

Your donations to the 2021 Year End Campaign help us to innovate and provide the best care for all of the Sanctuary elephants, with items such as...


Elephant foot care supplies

"Pachyderm pedicures" are not just luxuries at The Sanctuary — this work is essential to keeping healthy the feet of these aging elephants, who have spent their lives in captivity.


Four bags of Mazuri feed

This special food, developed for large mammals including horses, supplements the elephants' diets of grains, fresh produce, and browse from their habitats.


Hay cage

Hay cages mounted in the elephants' barns ensure both portion control and physical stimulation that strengthens trunk muscles, as the elephants lift their trunks to "forage."


Two-way radio

This technology is vital for safe and reliable communication among Sanctuary Staff when working in different parts of the 3,060-acre property.


Seven linear feet of elephant fencing

With supply chain impacts from COVID-19, the steel for reinforced elephant fencing is even more costly! And yet, fencing projects are always on the wish-list to fortify and expand our elephants' habitats.


Camera used to view the elephants

Our EleCam system provides enjoyment to elephant lovers online, who can view the residents without disrupting their natural behaviors. But the cameras also keep Caregiver "eyes" on the animals when they are out exploring.


Innovations in animal care, facilities maintenance, and education keep The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee equipped to provide home, herd, rest, refuge, and individualized care for all of The Sanctuary's residents — Tange, Sukari, Flora, Nosey, Sissy, Ronnie, Debbie, Minnie, and Billie — while supporting elephant conservation and welfare worldwide.

We need YOU to continue partnering with us in these efforts! Thank you for supporting The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

Please note: Supporters who mail checks to The Elephant Sanctuary for the 2021 Year End Campaign will have their gifts counted and recognized in our goal progress on this page.

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