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On a sunny day in early 2021, African elephant Nosey was spotted grazing calmly by a pond in her habitat, searching out tasty morsels among the trees and then uprooting sweet grasses at the water’s edge. Caregivers delight in these moments, which are wonderfully common now, but unimaginable for this regal animal even just four years ago. It is because of YOU, our supporters, that Nosey’s life is drastically different in her Sanctuary home, where she roams hundreds of acres and expresses natural elephant behaviors, illustrating the transformative powers of rest and refuge.


With less than a day's notice in November 2017, The Elephant Sanctuary took in Nosey — whose decades of performance had taken a toll on her physical, social, and pyschological well-being — and began the long process of her healing. After successful legal battles, her custody was transferred to The Sanctuary. And in December 2020, we announced that Nosey was finally, permanently, home for the holidays at The Elephant Sanctuary.

It is only with your help that we stay prepared to grow our herd and provide safe haven to any elephant in need, while constantly caring for Nosey and our nine other residents in Middle Tennessee. Please make a gift to support this preparedness for whatever and whoever marks the future of The Sanctuary! We so appreciate your partnership.

Your gift to our 2021 Spring Campaign helps to provide necessary items such as:


One bag of Mazuri feed specially formulated for elephants

Fresh, restaurant-grade produce for elephant nutrition 

Plumber's camera for elephant dental exams

Two-way radio for effective staff communication

One week's supply of
high-quality hay

Upgraded barn gate for elephant safety


Other elephants have come to us at different times in their lives with different needs and for different reasons than Nosey, and they all receive the best lifetime care from our integrated staff, thanks to the dedication of our donors. We have recently celebrated 15 years with Asian elephants Billie, Ronnie, Debbie, and Minnie — all members of the "Hawthorn herd" with a history of tuberculosis and cramped, lonely living conditions as leased circus elephants up until their transfer to The Sanctuary in 2006.

And in early 2004, Tange was the first African elephant retired here in Tennessee after the Chehaw Wild Animal Park in Albana, Georgia — where she had lived since 1978, and even survived a record flood — thoughtfully closed its elephant exhibit.

Whether opening our gates (and our hearts) to one elephant or many, The Sanctuary must remain prepared for what is next. Fortunately, as public sentiment evolves and owners of aging elephants seek the best place for their retirement, The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee exists for this very purpose.

Please note: Supporters who mail checks to The Elephant Sanctuary for the 2021 Spring Campaign will have their gifts counted and recognized in our goal progress on this page.

To view or download a digital version of the full Spring Campaign mailing, click here. You may dedicate a gift in honor or in memory of someone on our Give the Gift of Sanctuary page, or through the Become a Member, Adopt An Elephant, and Feed An Elephant programs.

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