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Feed an Elephant for a Day

Restaurant-grade produce, hay, grains, and other nutritious foods keep our residents healthy. 


One Tub of Cosequin

This supplement (also fed to horses) improves the joints of our elephants, most of whom suffer from arthritis due to their advanced ages and lives in captivity.


Cognitive Enrichment

In cooler months, when the elephants spend more time inside their barns, enrichment made from natural materials (like logs) and other hardy upcycled items (such as firehose) keep their minds and muscles engaged.


New Tires for ATV

Caregivers reach elephants all across the varied terrain of their vast habitats thanks to these four-wheel vehicles, which require constant maintenance and new tires. 


One Week Supply of Hay

This recurring expense is one of The Sanctuary's highest, with specialty blend hay purchased by the truckload and portioned out for the elephants daily.


Barn Gate Components

Ensuring the safety of the elephants and their human Caregivers requires high-quality materials like those used in our award-winning barns.


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For more than 16 years, African elephant Flora has set the rhythm to her days at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Without the demands of performance or traveling, the former star of Circus Flora now employs freedom of choice about how and where to spend her time. A strong and confident elephant, Flora is often spotted navigating the rolling hills of her 300-acre habitat, and expressing behaviors natural to her species like pushing down trees and playfully sparring with her habitat mates, Tange and Sukari. “Flora approaches life head-on and faces every new experience with determination and fire,” says Africa Barn Caregiver Jessica, who joins fellow Husbandry and Veterinary professionals to use positive reinforcement with Flora, earning her trust and enthusiastic participation in her own care.

The thoughtful decision Flora's owner David Balding made to retire her to Sanctuary in 2004 allowed her the chance to renew and age healthfully here in Tennessee.

But it is only through the generosity of YOU and our thousands of supporters worldwide that this former circus performer now has the opportunity to really be an elephant, and continues to live peacefully with the companionship of others of her species.


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