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African elephant Flora has set the rhythm to her days at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee for more than 16 years. Without the demands of her past life of performance and traveling, she now employs freedom of choice about how and where to spend her time. A strong and confident elephant, Flora is often spotted navigating the rolling hills of her 300-acre habitat, and expressing behaviors natural to her species like pushing down trees and playfully sparring with her habitat mates, Tange and Sukari. “Flora approaches life head-on and faces every new experience with determination and fire,” says Africa Barn Caregiver Jessica, who joins fellow Husbandry and Veterinary professionals to use positive reinforcement with Flora, earning her trust and enthusiastic participation in her own care.

Donations to the 2020 Year End Campaign enable us to provide stability for Sanctuary residents like Flora, and help to make a difference for elephants all over the globe.

Your dollars help to cover essential items such as...


Canned pumpkin for elephant nutrition

Supplementing their year-round diets of hay, grains, and fresh produce, pumpkin is a tasty treat that is good for elephant digestion.


Coconut oil for elephant skin treatment

Just like people, elephants occasionally experience dry skin, and a slather of coconut oil provides relief.


Medicated epoxy bandages for Shirley's feet

Our Vet team has devised an amazing method for healing abcesses in Shirley's feet while still enabling her to explore her habitat.


Technology for connecting with K-12 students across the world

Utilizing Skype-in-the-Classroom and other virtual platforms for Distance Learning, our Education team has expanded connections in 2020.


Sand piles for elephant comfort and play

Allowing elephants to rest in their habitats and barns, but also to dust themselves, sand is an ongoing expense at The Sanctuary.


Fencing upgrades to keep elephants and staff safe

Reinforced steel fencing protects both our elephants and the people who care for them.


The Elephant Sanctuary is a lush,
2,700-acre protected area where every shady spot, every mud wallow, and every trail is made available
to the 11 elephants in our care.

With immense freedom to explore, play, and also rest without external threats or demands, elephants at The Sanctuary are secure, in some cases for the first time in their lives. This is a place where Asian elephant Billie can lazily reach for a midday snack of branches and leaves while simultaneously splashing around shoulder-deep in a pond. In a nearby pasture, companions Debbie and Ronnie can leisurely stroll through the morning dew and take full advantage of their lifetime home.

But it is only through the generosity of YOU and our thousands of supporters worldwide that these former circus performers have the opportunity to age healthfully and live peacefully with the companionship of others of their species.

We truly value your partnership.


Please note: Supporters who mail checks to The Elephant Sanctuary for the 2020 Year End Campaign will have their gifts counted and recognized in our goal progress on this page.
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