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Celebrating 25 Years Providing Sanctuary:
Then, now, & next

In 1995, it was unheard of to carve out a large space in America for just one species. You made the idea to provide safe haven for retired elephants in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee a reality.  In those early days, and with every new resident since—28 elephants in 25 years—the mission of The Sanctuary has come alive through the support of friends and followers worldwide. Broadening the public consciousness of the complex needs of elephants, and how we as people can ensure their well-being, takes a broad coalition of supporters like you. We thank you!

Partner with The Elephant Sanctuary to provide home, herd, rest, refuge, and individualized care for life.

When you make  a gift to our 2020 Campaign, your investment counts toward:

Shelter and individualized wellness plans for our 11 elephant residents in 3 distinct habitats

7 trailer loads of hay and straw, portioned out daily according to each elephant’s nutritional needs

The upkeep and modification of more than 30 miles of habitat fencing

Employing a staff of 46 professionals, who’ve joined us from 16 different states 

More than 500 Distance Learning programs provided to students across the world


Collaboration with 10 international partners on 4 continents


“Sissy shows resilience every day.
It’s hard
to believe
she was once considered
a problem.”
- caregiver Brandi r.


Asian elephant Sissy, known previously as “Gerry II,” was imported from Thailand as a calf to a Texas petting zoo, where she gave rides to children. Earning a reputation for being difficult and dangerous, she was moved several times to zoos throughout Texas, before retiring to The Sanctuary at age 32 in 2000.

In the years at Sanctuary while exploring her natural surroundings, Sissy has built trusting relationships with Caregivers, and close companionship with habitat mates Tarra and Shirley. Having once survived a record flood, breathing through her trunk while submerged for 24 hours in her zoo exhibit, at The Sanctuary Sissy seems to have completely overcome her trauma-induced aversion to water.

YOUR partnership ensures a safe, healthy, and stable life for Sissy, who has endured so much. This is our mission and our goal for all of the current and future elephants in our care, whose stories are varied, but who all share the opportunity for a new life in a refuge dedicated to their well-being.

Please note: Supporters who mail checks to The Elephant Sanctuary for the 2020 Spring Campaign will have their gifts counted and recognized in our goal progress on this page.
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You may dedicate a gift in honor or in memory of someone on our Give the Gift of Sanctuary page, or through the Become a Member, Adopt An Elephant, and Feed An Elephant programs.

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Vicky Roy
Oct 25, 2020
Colorado, United States


Karen Santacroce
Oct 23, 2020
Connecticut, United States


Oct 22, 2020
New York, United States

“The IRS this tax year is allowing EVERYONE a charitable deduction. You don't even have to Itemize. So pony (elephant) up!”


Sandra O'Brien
Oct 22, 2020
Nevada, United States


Oct 19, 2020
Tennessee, United States


Oct 19, 2020
Oklahoma, United States


alison saldana
Oct 18, 2020
Texas, United States


Habiba Alcindor
Oct 17, 2020
New York, United States


Oct 14, 2020
Ohio, United States


Oct 10, 2020
Ohio, United States



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