Popcorn Pails, 15 lbs. - Ongoing Need - $33.99 Each

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One of the staple items for all of the barns is popcorn kernels. We air pop the popcorn and put it in some of the enrichment that is inside the barns. It is a healthy and relatively calorie free treat for the elephants, since we don’t add any butter or salt! This site offers different varieties of popping corn, and you can choose which one you would like to send the elephants  Product Info.

$33.99 donated June 2017.  

Special thanks to the following supporters who contributed  to Popcorn Pails in June 2017:   Susan McIntosh. 

If this item is no longer available or needed, The Elephant Sanctuary will direct your generous contribution toward another item needed for the care of the elephants. 

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