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Sustaining Sanctuary...for the future of the Girls

With the elephants as our teachers, The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is learning to adapt to our changing world. Our highest priority since 1995 has been to address each elephant's individual needs and to guarantee a safe and healthy environment for their lifetime. Our ongoing challenge is finding the necessary resources to provide for their well-being.

The Sanctuary has taken significant steps to reduce costs and minimize our environmental impact while providing the highest level of care for our elephants.

We Need Your Help...to take the Next Steps

  • Barn Flaps - these rubber flaps are used at barn doors to allow our Girls freedom to come and go as they wish while trapping heat in the barn during winter. Need 6 - total $9600.00
  • Insulated Doors at Africa Barn - When the temperature drops lower than the barn flaps can handle, it's time to close the barn doors. Africa Barn is in dire need of more insulated doors to keep the Girls cozy and to save precious energy. Estimated cost: $23,000.00
  • Internal Road - The Girls have access to 2,700 acres of habitat, but the Caregivers and Vet staff must exit The Sanctuary property and travel county roads around the perimeter to get from one barn to another. Inprovements to internal roads and trails will provide quicker emergency response and save significant time, fuel, and wear-and-tear on vehicles, as well reduce emissions and be more environmentally friendly. Estimated cost: $35,000.00
  • Solar Waterers - Tarra can explore the distant corners of her habitat and enjoy a drink of fresh water along the way. Currently, Caregivers must drive to remote corrals and start the gas-fueled generator to power the pump that fills a trough with fresh water. Each elephant needs up to 100 gallons of fresh water from a sustainable power source. Estimated cost: $2,200 X 3 = $6,600.00 
  • Warming Huts - You can't put a winter coat on an elephant, but you can build a warming hut! Shirley is always the first to head out into the farthest reaches of the habitat in the early sprint, and the last to return in the late fall. Warming huts will allow Shirley and the other Girls to stay out in the habitat longer during the colder weather. The planned design with solar panels is 100% energy efficient and off the grid! These structures will also provide a shady respite in the summer, and the built-in Protected Contact training wall offers additional locations for performing health care procedures. Estimated cost: $60,000.00 each
Your generous contributions to The Elephant Sanctuary over the past 18 years have enabled us to create a refuge where elephants are free to explore rolling hills and moonlit pastures without intrusion. Your support has provided a home for 24 majestic elephants, where many of them have had the opportunity to regain their independence and individuality. Thank you for helping our Girls through each step of their extraordinary journeys. We hope that you will continue to support The Sanctuary to ensure a sustainable future for all of the elephants that call The Sanctuary home.
If you chose Recurring Monthly Donation above someone from The Sanctuary will be in contact with you to verify your information. Please note that our site will only process the first donation.  

Sanctuary much for your support!

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The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennesee is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. All proceeds will go directly to the Sanctuary.

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