Help Feed Shirley and Her Friends

Help us celebrate Shirley's 68th birthday! Feed Shirley and Her Friends, and while supplies last, you will receive this specially created Shirley t-shirt, birthday portrait, and one-of-a-kind Shirley video!
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Each of The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee's resident elephants consumes approximately 150 lbs. of food every day. The elephants forage naturally in the habitat, and The Sanctuary staff also provides additional food and supplements to make sure nutritional needs are met. Every elephant has her favorite food—Shirley loves apples. This summer we celebrate Shirley's 68th birthday and 17th year at The Sanctuary.

Your $140 gift will feed Shirley and her friends

…for a limited time, you will receive

  • One-year Membership and subscription to Trunklines
  • Shirley T-shirt created in celebration of her July 6th birthday, available as part of this summer package for a limited time
  • Exclusive Shirley birthday portrait
  • Access to a one-of-a-kind Shirley video, available July 16th in a private email sent directly to your inbox* 
If you select a T-shirt with your gift, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt for $120.00.    
Contact if planning to ship outside of North America.

Sanctuary Much!

Can’t participate today at this level? Join the celebration by supporting the Feed an Elephant program. Shirley's video will be made available by email to all donors to this program."

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