Verucca Freeze 300 Triple Pack -- Ongoing Need -- $165.00/Can

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Verruca freeze is a revolutionary method that dramatically shortens the duration of time required to perform tissue debridement. For a lot of our older elephants with osteoarthritis, being able to perform abscess debridement in a very short period of time is hugely helpful, as it is more difficult to bear weight on only one front leg. The additional comfort that this method provides also really helps maintain foot presentation training behavior, which is very important for both routine foot maintenance and treatment should problems arise.  We are able to purchase this item directly from the manufacturer at a significant savings when ordering in bulk.  (Price includes shipping.)  If you would like to help with this item, please make a donation above.


$1,650.00 donated June 2017.  

Special thanks to the following supporters who contributed to the Verucca Freeze Fund in June 2017:   Michael E. Bollman.  

If this item is no longer available or needed, The Elephant Sanctuary will direct your generous contribution toward another item needed for the care of the elephants. 

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