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In honor of The Elephant Sanctuary's 10th Anniversary in 2005, the Elefanherd Discussion Board, a worldwide group of supporters, formed the Wish List Club.

The Elefanherd requested that the Sanctuary post this page to make it easier to donate as a group. They have labeled their efforts the Wish List Blitz.

The monthly Elefanherd Wish List Blitz has enabled The Elephant Sanctuary to purchase numerous items for The Sanctuary and Our Girls through the years!  The Elefanherd is a dedicated group of people who truly love elephants and it is their desire to help all the Girls residing at The Elephant Sanctuary and those yet to come.  Their main focus with the development of the Wish List Blitz in 2005 was to pool their donations together to raise funds for a particular Wish List item.  They are still going strong and are faithful to blitz each month.  Their efforts have developed into a monthly blitz and this page was created for their convenience in making their blitz donations here each month.

We truly appreciate the Elefanherd and all you do!

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The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennesee is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. All proceeds will go directly to the Sanctuary.

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