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We invite you to join The Sanctuary’s VIP Program! By making a five-year commitment of support, you’ll receive an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of The Sanctuary’s facilities. When your commitment has been completed, you will be eligible to attend a tour with one guest. (Guests must be at least 15 years old.)
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Your VIP commitment helps The Sanctuary to provide safe haven and individualized care for life to captive elephants retired from performance and/or exhibition. To date, this program has helped to:

  • Expand to 2,700 acres
  • Build state-of-the-art African and Asian elephant Houses barns
  • Install 20 miles of fencing
  • Continue to recruit, hire, and train additional Caregivers
  • Purchase buildings in downtown Hohenwald for The Elephant Sanctuary’s Elephant Discovery Center
  • Establish endowments for resident elephants

    For more information: VIP Program

    If you would prefer to print the information and mail or fax it, please click here.

    Or contact: or call 931.796.6500 extension 105.


    The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee’s Board has set aside unrestricted financial operational reserves of four times its budgeted expenses to ensure the lifetime care and safe haven for an undetermined number of elephants. Elephants have an expected life span of 50 – 70 years and The Sanctuary is committed to providing food, shelter, veterinary care, medicine, Caregivers, property maintenance and security. These funds, along with the public’s continuing support are needed to provide for the elephants currently in our care and for those that will come to The Sanctuary.

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