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PPE Supplies (Personal Protective Equipment) are needed daily to provide protection to the Caregivers while working at the Quarantine habitat.  These supplies have been combined here with descriptions below for each product.  All Caregivers wear Tyvek Coveralls and masks.  (We have two different masks listed below because some Caregivers require a different mask fit to ensure proper fitting.)  In addition to these items, our PPE Supplies include HEPA Airmate Air Filter Units (PAPRs), Air Filters and Hoses.  Make your selections above in the pull down menu or you can choose to donate to all of these needs. 

Tyvek Coveralls [$136.25/Case] - These are the tyvek suits that the caregivers are wearing to protect themselves and minimize exposure. They have zippered fronts, attached booties, and hoods. These work best for Caregivers because of the long arm lengths and the elastic wrist bands. With the amount that they are worn, they will need to remain stocked and ordered regularly. We need x-large sizes only, please.

 Respiratory Masks, 3M 8511 [$16.81 / Box of 10] - Caregivers go through a lot of respiratory masks! These masks adhere to regulations and should be changed after each use for highest efficacy. Discount pricing available on bulk orders.

Respirator Masks, 3M 9211 [$16.94 / Box of 10] - We need these masks for the Q Barn Caregivers. Some Caregivers require a different mask to fit properly. Discount pricing available on bulk orders.

Hoods  [$29.00 Each] - These are the hoods that go along with the PAPR breathing system. The hoods are made specifically for these systems, with ports that attach directly to the tubes running from the PAPR, ensuring an air-tight fit. In trying to maintain optimal air quality, they are also replaced on a regular basis.

Air Filters for PAPRs  [$33.00 Each] - When washing the Phase I Barn, the Caregivers must wear PAPRs (powered air purifying respirator). These systems draw air through the filter to provide respiratory protection to the wearer. Regulations stipulate that these filters must be changed every month to ensure optimal air quality, so we order these regularly.  

HEPA Airmate Air Filter Unit (PAPRs)  [$519.00 Each] - These are the PAPR (powered air purifying respirator) units that are worn while cleaning the Phase I barn. These PAPRs ensure that caregivers are able to breathe clean air while washing the barn. These units are worn along with the tyvek suits, boot covers, gloves, masks and hoods in order to obtain the highest level of protection.

Breathing Tube Assembly  [$43.00 Each] - These breathing tubes are used with the PAPR units.

$100.00 donated November 2016.

* If this item is no longer available or needed, The Elephant Sanctuary will direct your generous contribution toward another item needed for the care of the elephants. 

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